Meet us at NAB Show (Apr 22-27) at booth SU4514


Squadeo has been ranked as one of the most important companies in the European online video market by Streaming Media Europe. At NAB this year, we will launch and demonstrate our innovations that solve market problems in line with our vision “one single protocol, one single DRM, one single playback experience across platforms”.

—  Widevine DRM Everywhere on Mobiles & Desktops  —

One software bundle featuring same protocol stack, same DRM and same player across OTT devices brings following benefits to video service providers:

  • Ensure same streaming experience and functionality on Android, iOS, Windows, OS-X, Android TV and soon AppleTV;
    Reuse existing backends and legacy contents (HLS, DASH or MSS);
  • Simplify video platform solutions deployment and maintenance;
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) such as to (i) optimize edge cacheability resulting into minimizing requests to the origin server, also decreasing the video playback start-up time (ii) trade server cost into storage cost, (iii) minimize maintenance cost by reducing the engineering complexity and IOT risks.


—  Advanced User Experience on OTT —

Also, we will be showcasing :

  • Low live latency: especially for live sports programs at home, where the player latency compared to IPTV is reduced from around 30 seconds with other players down to below 5 seconds with Squadeo player. Seeing is believing!
  • Our brand new AudioBooster: For tablets or smartphones limited in Audio volume used in speaker mode in noisy environments, AudioBooster will boost the Audio volume above the maximum volume of the device with no risk to damage the speaker hardware. Come and hear the difference by yourself!
  • Offline viewing on PC/Mac: PC/Mac are great devices with large storage capabilities and large screen to watch movies. Come and see how to securely download a premium content in the highest quality to watch it later on the go regardless of network conditions.
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